1:1 Transformational Embodied Photographic Experiences
My aim is to offer women a deeply transformational experience that empowers and celebrates their true beauty and uniqueness through the art of photography and embodiment practices.
The goal is to shift how women perceive their bodies: from feeling disconnected, ashamed, and judgmental to feeling fully embodied, empowered, beautiful, and radiant in their own skin. Through this process, my clients gain control over their lives, cultivate more fulfilling relationships with everyone, and fully embrace their potential for success, rewriting the narrative of 'not feeling enough.'
By guiding and supporting my clients, I empower them to take ownership of their lives and step into the fullest expression of themselves. Having someone who can hold space, provide guidance, and bear witness to their journey towards the life they desire is profoundly transformative.
Ultimately, it's not just about reaching a destination; it's about embracing and enjoying the journey itself.
Who is this for?

This is for the women who want to break free of stereotypes, culturally enforced limitations and past stories of “not enough”.

This is for the women who have had life-altering medical conditions.

This is for the women who are tired of being made to feel like second class citizens because of their gender.

This is for the women who are tired of being made to feel not enough unless they have many children.

This is for the women who are tired of being made to feel like their careers don’t matter because they must get married and have children.

This is for the women who are tired of being made to feel like a failure as a woman if fertility is an issue.

I  work exclusively with a handful of new clients privately on a transformational journey that helps them reclaim a connection to their inner radiance/ power, and deepen their love for their bodies. 
My transformational photographic experiences are for the highly successful individuals who want to bring a deeper connection to themselves and their bodies using photography as a medium for that process. Photography is just another method of connecting, like yoga or meditation, it is a way of connecting with yourself in a different way and seeing yourself differently than in the mirror or in selfies. 
This is a totally customised experience to the individual. 
There is no one set program or set of practices to suit everyone. This is not a “cookie cutter” one size fits all program. 
My experience is in working with women exploring their light and dark feminine as well as masculine and androgyny. I am open to working with anyone who is open to working with me, and who is willing to put in the effort to make real change.
Needs, wants and desires. How to get you from A to B is the point.
My job is to create a safe environment for you to explore yourself. I mentor, suggest, advise and question. The photography (which the client has complete ownership of all data). The ability to see transformations, different perspectives and to see your body in a different way.
The type of program and the contents are all decided after the initial consultation call. If we both decide to proceed, I will set up a sample outline of the individual program. This can change based on location and length of time available. 
I invest a lot of time and energy in the women I work with and in turn expect them to invest their time and energy with me to work through the program. It is not a fast experience focused solely on outcome. It is about showing up intentionally, taking up space and working through whatever feelings come up to get to the truest versions of you. ​​​​​​​​
It is about the journey, not the destination.​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​It is about how we show up with each other and investing in the process, trusting that the outcome will be there. For both you and me.​​​​​​​​
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