Transformational Embodied Photographic Experiences

My mission is to orchestrate a complete transformation, a symphony of empowerment and elevation for women. Through the alchemy of photography and embodiment practices, my aim is to unveil their authentic beauty and individuality, mirroring it back to them in stunning clarity.

I aspire to shift the narrative around how women perceive their bodies; from a landscape of disconnection, shame, and judgment, to one of embodiment, empowerment, radiance, and unapologetic beauty in their own skin. This metamorphosis is the catalyst for my clients to grasp the reins of their lives, to infuse their relationships with a newfound richness, and to rewrite the tale of feeling “not enough.”

In the wake of our journey together, my clients emerge as captains of their own destinies, forging connections that are deeply fulfilling and shedding the weight of limitations on their potential and freedom. To have a steadfast companion who can cradle, guide, and bear witness as you step into the life you yearn for is a profound and transformative process.

Remember, it’s not just about the destination—it’s about the sacred dance of the journey itself.

Who is this for?

This is a sanctuary for women who are determined to shatter the chains of stereotypes, to transcend the constraints imposed by culture, and to rewrite narratives of inadequacy.

For those women who have faced the crucible of life-altering medical conditions, this is a space where strength and resilience are celebrated.

To those weary souls who have felt the weight of being relegated to second-class citizenship because of their gender, this is a rallying cry for empowerment and equality.

For the women weary of the relentless message that their worth is tied to the number of children they bear, this is a declaration that their value transcends societal expectations.

And to those who have been told that their aspirations must bow to the altar of matrimony and motherhood, this is a resounding affirmation that their careers hold intrinsic worth.

For the women who have grappled with the painful reality of fertility challenges, this is a sanctuary that stands against the notion that their womanhood is defined solely by their ability to conceive.

In this sacred space, we honor the individual journeys, the diverse struggles, and the triumphant spirits of women, united in their quest to rewrite the stories that have sought to define them.

How does it work?

In the realm of transformational journeys, I embark exclusively with a select few, guiding them through a sacred odyssey towards the reclamation of their inner radiance and power. Together, we delve deep, kindling a profound love affair with their own bodies.

These transformative photographic experiences are crafted for those who have scaled the peaks of success, seeking a more profound communion with themselves and their physical form. Photography, in my view, is akin to the cadence of yoga or the stillness of meditation—a unique vessel for connecting with oneself, offering a perspective beyond the reflection in the mirror or the realm of selfies. Each expedition is a bespoke masterpiece, sculpted to the contours of the individual’s soul.

In this sacred dance, there is no standardized choreography, no one-size-fits-all script. This is a sanctuary free from the confines of cookie-cutter molds.

My expertise lies in illuminating the intricate dance of light and shadow within the feminine and masculine, embracing the duality and the androgynous essence within. My arms are open wide, welcoming those who stand ready to traverse this transformative terrain, willing to pour their essence into the crucible of change.

We begin with an exploration of your needs, your wants, your deepest desires. Charting the course from point A to the coveted B is the North Star of our voyage.

My role is to fashion a sanctuary, a haven for self-exploration. I wear the hats of mentor, guide, adviser, and questioner. And then there is the art of photography, where every frame is a treasure, owned entirely by the client. Here, transformations unfurl, perspectives shift, and bodies are beheld through a new lens.

The contours of the program, the very essence of its contents, are etched only after our inaugural consultation call. If our hearts align in agreement, I weave a preliminary tapestry, flexible in design, influenced by locale and the expanse of time at our disposal.

I invest copious time and boundless energy in the women I have the privilege to guide, and I, in turn, yearn for their dedication—a shared journey through the labyrinth of this program. This is no swift sprint toward an endpoint; it’s a deliberate dance, a claiming of space, an excavation of the heart’s depths to unearth the truest version of self.

Our pilgrimage is as much about the path we tread as it is about the destination we seek. It hinges on how we show up, how we invest in one another, in the alchemy of this process. Trusting, fervently, that the harvest of transformation will be bountiful, for both you and for me.

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What You Will Experience

Interconnectedness of Body, Mind, & Soul

Together, we will embark on a profound journey to explore the intricate dance of your body, mind, and soul. Through various practices, we’ll uncover different facets of your being, allowing you to not only understand but also articulate the intricate workings on different levels, particularly within the realms of the physical and the mental.

Exploring & Expressing Emotions, Embracing Different Perspectives

Our photo sessions will serve as a canvas for you to perceive and express your authentic self. Here, we’ll engage in a spectrum of somatic exercises, yoga, and thoughtful styling to help you attune to your body’s whispers. The depth of exploration into emotional terrain is entirely in your hands, with me acting as a gentle guide, always respecting your boundaries.

What You Will Receive

Daily Online Support

We’ll choose a communication platform for voice and text messaging, providing you with a lifeline of online support for any facet of our practices.

90 Minute 1:1 Holistic Online Coaching Sessions

The core theme of our coaching journey will be nurturing your connection with yourself. We’ll uncover pathways for you to feel centered and vital within your own existence. Each session’s content will be tailored to what resonates most with you, interweaving seamlessly with our photographic encounters.

Daily Flow, Integration of Spiritual Practices

Together, we’ll craft a daily rhythm for your personal practice of yoga, meditation, gratitude, or micro-practices, harmonized with your unique schedule. This way, you’ll be equipped to carry these enriching practices forward long after our program concludes.

Worksheets, Reading List, Homework

While our sessions are pivotal, the true transformation unfolds in the space between them. I’ll assign practices, readings, and various exercises to be completed between our sessions. Consistent engagement is the linchpin to your success. We’ll work together to seamlessly integrate these practices into your daily routine.

Photo Session

The length of our session will be tailored to your chosen program, whether half a day or an entire day. Time is but a fleeting companion in our pursuit of capturing your essence. I do not tether myself to a clock, for the artistry that emerges from our sessions is an organic evolution. Adaptability to your needs is paramount; some sessions may take unexpected turns, evoking unanticipated emotions.

You, the client, will hold absolute dominion over all rights, copyright, and ownership of the images birthed from this collaborative process. Every raw data, every edit, every print – they are yours, a testament to your freedom of expression in our photographic dance.

The Coaching

Every session is a personal voyage guided by me. Throughout, I’ll encourage a daily 20-minute meditation practice and the keeping of a journal for supplementary reflections and exercises. The precise flow and subjects will be tailored to your unique needs and interests.

Our focus will be on unraveling core beliefs, potentially limiting, that you hold about yourself, your life, and your relationship with your body. Some aspects may not resonate, and that’s perfectly alright. This marks the genesis of our transformational odyssey, a dive into where you stand now and where you aspire to be. Homework assignments will ground you in your body and open the channels of your heart, fostering a deeper connection with your authentic self.

Absolute confidentiality is our pact. A mutual NDA will be signed, fostering a space of trust as we delve into the depths. I will share pertinent aspects of myself and my process as it aligns with the individual needs of each client. This is a journey we navigate together, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.


In the tapestry of my life, the threads have always been woven with the grace and strength of women. From the tender age of 13, I found myself enveloped by the wisdom of three remarkable women: my mother, my aunt, and my grandmother. It was my grandmother who imparted a profound lesson – the art of creating a sanctuary for women, a space where they could unfurl their souls without fear of judgment, and to embrace, even when understanding eludes.

For over three decades, I’ve stood behind the lens, guiding women through a journey of self-expression, a voyage that commenced within the pages of high school yearbooks. It was in the year 2000 that Japan became my sanctuary, a place where the delicate cherry blossoms whispered secrets only a heart attuned to their language could comprehend.

In 2002, amidst the vibrant tapestry of Japan, I encountered the melody of my life, my wife. Our symphony commenced in harmonious union in 2003, and the crescendo of our love was echoed in the arrival of our precious child in 2005.

Since embarking on this creative odyssey, I have earned the trust of women spanning the spectrum from novices to seasoned professionals. It was in 2007, when the seeds of my devotion to the art form took root, germinating within the realm of online art schools. By 2012, I had taken my place on the professional stage, a stage illuminated by the radiant spirits of the women I’ve been blessed to capture.

In the pages of glossy magazines, the pixels of web features, and the tangible embrace of print, both myself and my work have found their voices, echoing the celebration of feminine strength and vulnerability. In the annals of 2020, my company unveiled a masterpiece, a Yoga book that captured the grace of movement and the serenity of stillness.

With every click of the shutter, I bring to bear a rich tapestry of wisdom, drawn from my yoga teacher training, the mosaic of my life experiences, and the symphony of coaching that orchestrates my own journey. My mission is an unwavering commitment – to serve women through the alchemy of photography and inner exploration. Through my lens, I seek to nurture not only the external beauty but also the luminous flame that resides within. Together, we embark on a journey to tend to the heart’s garden, cultivating a spirit that radiates both ease and confidence.